Peer Review Process


  1. Each submitted manuscript will go through a blind review process.
  2. The initial stage is the editor will be review the suitability of the article with the focus and scope of the journal, as well as the suitability of the template.
  3. The editor will return articles that do not fit the template or reject articles that do not fit the scope or articles with a low scientific depth weight.
  4. The review process by the reviewer considers novelty, objectivity, methodology, scientific impact, conclusions, and references.
  5. After the review process, the author is obliged to immediately make revisions according to all input.
  6. The editor will evaluate the suitability and speed of the author in revising the article.
  7. Authors can contact the editor via email if there are things that need to be conveyed or through the discussions available when uploading articles.
  8. When the article is accepted for publication, the editor will check the plagiarism level of the article using Turnitin and will ask the author to revise the article if necessary or even reject the article if a very high resemblance is found with other articles.