Vol. 30 No. 1 (2024): January-June

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ISSN: 1412-310X (Print) 2656-3797 (Online)
First Online Publication: 2018
Full English Language: 2023 - present
Publisher: Faculty of Law, University of Slamet Riyadi, Surakarta, Indonesia
Duration: Approx. 5 days to the first decision
Acceptance Rate: 30% of the total submissions
Frequency: 2 (two) issues per year
DOI: Prefix 10.33061 
Legal Scholars, Legal Practitioners
Geographical Diversity: Indonesia, Turkey, Netherland, Japan, Thailand and Sudan, (authored/co-authored by 16 authors from 13 affiliations)
Editor in Chief: Dr. Dora Kusumastuti., S.H., M.H

This issue has been available online since 30 th March 2024 for the regular issue of June 2024. All articles in this issue (5 original research articles) were authored/co-authored by 22 authors from 13 affiliations and 6 countries (Indonesia, Turkey, Netherland, Japan, Thailand and Sudan).

Published: 2024-03-29

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