About the Journal

    Journal Title : Jurnal Ilmu Administrasi Publik
  Initials : JI@P
  Frequency : 2 Issues Per Year
  DOI : 10.33061
  Print ISSN : 2355-4223
  Online ISSN 2808-0211
  Editor-in-chief : Dr. Drs Suwardi, M.Si
  Managing Editor : Dr. Aris Tri Haryanto, M.Si
  Publisher : Master of Public Administration, Universitas Slamet Riyadi

Jurnal Ilmiah Administrasi Publik (JI@P) is published two times a year in January and June. This journal contains scientific articles on public administration science written in two languages : Bahasa Indonesia and English. The article is published in form of empirical research, conceptual or theoritical framework. JI@P is published by Program of Magister Public Administration Slamet Riyadi University Surakarta ISSN 2355-4223 and online ISSN 2808-0211. Prior website address of this journal was http://ejurnal.unisri.ac.id/index.php/MAP

The aim of this journal publication is to disseminate the conceptual thoughts or ideas and research results that have been achieved in the area of public administrations and policies.

Jurnal Ilmu Administrasi Publik particularly focuses on the main problems in the development of the sciences of public policies and administration areas as follows:

  1. Bureaucracy and Administration Development;
  2. Decentralization and Regional Autonomy;
  3. Economic and Public Policy;
  4. Public Management and Governance;
  5. Any specifics issues of public policy and management.