• Sanusi Hidayat


The aim of this research was to describe the kind of Cultural dimensions that appears in
the English textbook. The research technique applied in this study was a content analysis method
that took a qualitative approach. Construction of a checklist, analysis of a textbook, coding,
categorization, and interpretation were used to obtain the data. Based on Adaskou, Britten, and
Fahsi (1990) statement, cultural dimensions in the textbook derived into four senses: (1) aesthetic
sense, (2) sociological sense, (3) semantic sense, and (4) pragmatic sense. Based on the results of
data analysis of the kind of Cultural dimensions that appears in the textbook, the Bahasa Inggris
Think Globally Act Locally textbook for ninth grade in junior high school offered a lot of cultural
material. It was evident from the kind of culture dimensions that was presented in textbooks. The
findings revealed Aesthetic sense dominance with 37%, 27% to the Sociological sense, 21% to the
Semantic sense, and just 15% to the Pragmatic sense.
Keywords : Analysis, Culture, English textbook, Junior High School

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