Y. Budi Santosa


This study aimed to analyse the role of legislature in drafting local regulations,
local budgets and supervision. These efforts are aimed at improving the public
welfare. Descriptive qualitative research strategy was selected to answer the
formulated research problems. Primary as well as secondary data were
collected. Primary data was collected by using interview indepth data collecting
technique by interviewing some selected relevant informen, most of them were
the members of the legislature at Regency Level in Karanganyar Regency.
Research results indicated that: (1) Role of local regulation planning in
formulating local regulations seemed surprisingly high. It was indicated that in
2015 it was targeted that fourteen local regulation should be formulated, but
evidently the legislature had already formulated twenty nine local regulations.
(2) Research results indicated however, that the function of local legislature
budget was not implemented efficiently nor effectively. Research result also
showed that dealing with budget, the transparancy, accuntability, and timelines
had not fulfilled the justice principles. It was found that the budget was
formulated without using the performance approach. However, at first it was
predicted that the revenue and expenditures of Karanganyar Regency in the
year of 2014 budget was deficit, but in the accountability of the application of
revenue and expenditures in the year of 2014 was able to be budget surplus.
This was the evident that there was collaboration and synergy between the
legislature and the Regency Government of Karanganyar in order to realize the
public welfare.
Key words: regulation; revenue and budget; public welfare; transparancy;
accountability; timelines.

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