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This research stemmed from the fact that the implementation of learning for
students in the regency school in Klaten still less than optimal. After two years
running since the policy was set, not all school organized learning about the
disaster. Scholls for children with disabilities in the sub district of Klaten
numbered 12, nevertheles there was only one which carried out the learning
about the disaster, that was the YAAT School for disabilities. There was
ambarrasing reality that the disabilities should be put attention, but in fact there
were neglected. This research used the collaboration of the theories of Merilee
S. Grindle, GC Edward III and Van Meter-Van Horn for explaining the policy
implementation. Based on this theoretical collaboration there were eihgt
indicators. The mentioned indicators were: policy content, policy context,
policy output, communication, resources, implementator’s attitude,
bureaucratic structure, and external factor. Based om case study at disability
school type A at YAAT indicated that the disability shools were not the
prioritized target group. Learning about disaster were able to be accomplshed
at YAAT since there were pushing synergic other factors; i.e. social as well as
economic factors. Other supporting factors were policy context, disposition,
communication, organizational structure, resources, and implementators’
understanding toward the content and policy output.
Key words: policy content; policy context; policy output; communication; resources;
disposition; bureaucratic structure; external factor.

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