• Amin Wahyudi & Sutarno


Yayasan Umat Islam Kalioso (YAUMIKA) is one of the foundations in Kalijambe sub-district, Sragen regency that keep growing and contribute in educating the nation's life as well as building the character of the next generation of intelligent, religious by managing Madrasah Tsanawiyyah, Madrasah Ibtidaiyyah and Madrasah Diniyyah. To be able to carry out this noble task, it is necessary to continuously improve the work ethic of teachers and employees as an important element in improving the quality and achievement of school / madrasah. Based on these considerations, lectures, counseling and various activities for coaching in order to improve the work ethic of teachers and employees is important to do. This event is attended by 25 (twenty five) Teachers and School Workers / Mdrasah under Yayasan Umat Islam Kalioso (YAUMIKA), Kalijambe, Sragen. The purpose of this activity is that the work ethic of teachers and employees of schools / madrasah under YUMIKA can be improved, maintained and maintained, so that teachers and employees will be motivated in working, discipline, always positively to the task and work and able to build good cooperation with Fellow teachers and employees to realize the process of learning and teaching is good and able to produce graduates qualified and character. This activity is expected to provide benefits to various stakeholders of the school / madrasah under YAUMIKA, namely: First, for teachers and employees, this activity is useful to provide enlightenment and motivation so that it will increase the work ethic in carrying out its duties. Second, for the students, this activity will provide indirect benefits to the students, because with the work ethic of teachers and employees of high students will get a better service of teaching and learning process. Third, for the YAUMIKA, this activity will provide indirect benefits on improving the quality of the institution because it is supported by teachers and employees who have a good work ethic. The result of this coaching activity is the increasing work ethic of teachers and school / madrasah employees under YAUMIKA with an indicator of increasing morale, and discipline of teachers and employees in teaching and providing services to students that impact on student's learning achievement.
Keywords: work ethic, teacher discipline, service to students


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