Agribisnis Tanaman Obat Kunyit dan Lengkuas


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Turmuric plant and galangal is plant that have been populist, Indonesian
nation has been known since forebear trade in Nusantara, also known even in
China, Babillonia, and Egypt, because has many benefits, such as for staple food
seasoning to a variety of cakes and sweets, trditional medicine is natural and free
of artificial chemical in the form of herbal medicine, skin medications, cosmetic
and etc. but all serves to keep and increase human health, or increase livelihood
and both society and the state economy.
Remember the benefits very higher, then it’s development needs to be put
only traditional but also modern such us processing and packaging are either
fixed without chemical preservatives and marketing in a professional and not
have to change their traditional characteristic coming from the common people.
For turmeric and galangal succesfull, it needs to be prepared early and
well planned, that’s from attitude preparation, adequate capital, seed and good
soil, maintanane involves fertilizing, watering, pest and desease eradication in
proportion and restrained untill the harvest, processing and marketing. So it
means in agribussiness herbs turmeric and galangal should be calculated /
analyzed carefully about the advantages and disadvantages, including
distribution and marketing network.
Key word: agribussiness, medicine plant, traditional characteristic, turmuric and

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