Potensi Desa Kuwiran Sebagai Kawasan Agrowisata Padi Berkelanjutan


  • Siswadi & Efrain Patola




The purpose of this research was to known : (1) to known potency a tour owned by Countryside
Kuwiran As going concern Paddy Agrowisata Area., (2) to known response each perpetrator a tour
to Countryside Kuwiran As going concern Paddy Agrowisata Area, (3) to known role from each
perpetrator wisata in realizing going concern operasionalisasi Paddy Agrowisata Area. Data
collecting of primary used technique of circumstantial interview (in depth interview) and have the
character of opened (open interview), while data collecting of secondary by citing tables or data
which available from source of data.
The results of this research show: : (1) countryside of Kuwiran very potential to became
Paddy Agrowisata Area have Continuation, good seen from attraction potency / object of tour,
aksesibilitas, amenitas, and also hospitality, (2) local government response (On duty Tourism) to
operasionalisasi of Paddy Agrowisata Area, positive enough because although not yet there is
goals but have there is planning for the mentioned. While response of local society very positive,
even expect immediately can be realized, (3) role of local government in " operasionalisasi of Paddy
Agrowisata Area", for example : (a) coherent and consistency about the method of making use of
farm for development of tour area, and displace farm function, (b) ready the tourism infrastructure,
(c) security and freshment make a tour, (d) reinforcement of institute of tourism by facility and
extend network of group and tourism organization, (e) adjacent in a promotion of tour , namely
extension and intensification of network of promotion activity in domestic and abroad, (4) the
college have role as think tank, in charge of for executing of education socialize, related to aspect of
power mind and culture paddy, entrepreneur, and also the training / guide courses, and others, (5)
socialize Kuwiran of sharing of key in providing most attraction at one blow determine quality of tour
Keyword : agrowisata of paddy, sustainable tourism

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