Meningkatkan SDM Masyarakat Melalui Pelatihan Pambyawara di Pawiyatan Mangesti Budoyo dan Pawiyatan Manunggal Makarti Mulyo Desa Makamhaji Kartasura Sukoharjo


  • Dian Esti Nurati & Joko Pramono


There are two non formal educations in Makamhaji Village: Pawiyatan Pambyawara Mangesti Mulyo or an education for Master of Ceremony in Javanese language located in RW 14 and Pawiyatan Manunggal Makarti Mulyo located in RW 15. The people of Makamhaji village, particularly those staying in RW 14 and RW 15 love local culture, particularly Javanese culture in Pambyawara or Master of Ceremony in Javanese language with fine grammar (kromo inggil) that has been long taught to students attending the training (gladen) in Surakarta Kasunanan Palace. Training of Pambyawara, Macapat and Ngadi Busana was given using material delivery method and practice by Dwijo or Trainer as well as IbM team. This training activity could improve the quality of human resource in pambyawara in local community. Furthermore, the local community is expected to have pambyawara knowledge and skill professionally, thereby can use it as profession in order to improve their social and economic status.
Keywords: Javanese Culture, Training, Pambyawara

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